Nothing planned for Easter yet? We are opening the 2024 season on March 22nd and look forward to seeing you!

Winter break 1 November – 31 March Reception Mon – Fri 10:00 – 12:00


„Enjoy the feeling of freedom, relax and listen contentedly to the sounds of nature.“

Welcome to our campsite Nimseck in the climatic health resort Irrel in the middle of the beautiful German-Luxembourgian nature park in the southern Eifel, directly on the border to Luxembourg between Echternach, Bitburg and Trier.

Under the slogan “Camping. Nature. Healing.”  family camping tourism at a special climatic health resort with a health-promoting climate meets maximum recreation in idyllic nature and a unique health concept for your well-being.

The versatility of our site is unique due to the different locations of the pitches and the terraced construction. The spacious pitches for permanent campers and day guests are located on the banks of the river Nims, higher up on sunny terraces or on top of a mountain plateau.  In addition to the pitches for motorhomes, caravans or tents, nature lovers and those seeking relaxation also have the opportunity to enjoy their stay in one of our four vacation homes on the Nims.

No matter if you want to sit relaxed at the Nims or if you prefer to be active for hiking or biking – let yourself be carried away and dive into an unforgettable nature experience!

We look forward to seeing you!


We are convinced of the positive connections of nature on people’s health and quality of life. The restoration and promotion of health as well as the increase of well-being play a very important role.

Many people escape from their stressful everyday life for a vacation or a little time out and want to find new strength, especially in nature. Various studies repeatedly prove the influence of nature on the well-being and health of people. Our experience showed, however, that a few days of deceleration and breathing in nature can do good for the moment, but could not permanently alleviate existing complaints.

Thus, we wanted to create a place where camping and nature lovers can relax and enjoy their time, but also find a sustainable and holistic solution in case of complaints.

Our health concept was conceived more than 12 years ago on the basis of various test procedures, current studies and the knowledge of experts from various fields. Through constant further development, the integration of the latest findings and the resulting phenomenally noticeable and measurable successes, we have succeeded in establishing a unique and sustainable concept on the market.

Our many years of experience in the field of pain therapy and metabolism regulation, combined with a return to the power of nature, form the basis of our unique concept “Camping. Nature. Healing.”

Camping – vacation and freedom
Nature – relaxation and well-being
Healing – regeneration and regulation

Our goal is the sustainable restoration and promotion of health as well as the increase of your well-being in harmony with nature and its healing effects!


Our mission is to let you quickly forget the stressful everyday life in a place of relaxation and tranquility and to immerse you directly in the experience of nature.

In addition, we would like to support you with our health concept and its cause-related, holistic approach and accompany you on your way to more well-being and quality of life.

Our vision is to work together with strong partners to provide people throughout Europe and beyond with a special experience in nature as well as a noticeable feeling of relaxation. With the possibility to visibly and measurably improve health through individual measures, we would like to support you in increasing your well-being and quality of life at any age.


My name is Yasin Kashakesh and as the new owner of Nimseck I am very much looking forward to getting to know you personally and to welcoming you soon as your host.

My heart has been beating for the Eifel since my childhood and I am enthusiastic about the diversity of this region. I was born in Andernach on the eastern edge of the Volcanic Eifel and have lived in the northern Eifel for the last few years.

Already many years ago I discovered camping for myself and enjoy it every time anew to be able to be so close to nature. I also love nature and appreciate both its positive effect on the entire organism and the stimulation of self-healing processes.

As an entrepreneur, pain therapist and passionate camper, the Nimseck campsite convinced me from the first second. I knew right away, this is where I want to live and work.

The Camping Nimseck team and I are looking forward to welcoming you as our hosts and to creating an unforgettable stay for you.