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Climatic health resort Irrel

„Breathe in, breathe out, recharge your batteries.“

As a state-approved climatic health resort, Irrel offers a very high air quality and a climate conducive to health and recreation. In a scenic and privileged location, Irrel is an oasis of well-being.

The special interaction of climate, geology, waters and flora&fauna in the nature park Southern Eifel supports the natural regeneration processes for body, mind and soul and favors the regulatory mechanisms of the organism.


„Feeling the pulse of your own heart. Peace inside and outside. Breathe freely again and experience relaxation.“

Researchers around the world are studying the positive effect of nature on human well-being. The fact that nature is beneficial to health and that the forest has a particularly calming effect on mood has long been scientifically proven.

Just in the today’s time, particularly in the stressful and loud everyday life, it draws many humans again back into nature. Just breathing in the forest air substances has a positive effect on physical and mental well-being. Natural stimuli, the stimulation of all senses and the conscious perception of impressive experiences in nature have a health-promoting effect and help to switch off from everyday life.

“Nature is the best pharmacy,” Sebastian Kneipp already knew 150 years ago. His holistic approach aimed at a healthy life in harmony with nature, in order to actively prevent and find healing along the way. In our private practice, we can additionally support this with relaxing measures and individual approaches.