Winter break November 1 – March 31 | Reception Mon – Fri 10:00 – 12:00

Winter break 1 November – 31 March Reception Mon – Fri 10:00 – 12:00


You have had complaints for some time and no measure has so far led to the desired goal or an improvement?

This is exactly where we come into play in our private practice with the CELLflow concepts for pain therapy and metabolism regulation. We get to the bottom of the cause of your problem and do not perform a classic symptom treatment. We see the body as a unit that needs to be restored to its functional and movement capabilities, because this is the only way to sustainably alleviate complaints.


In the treatment on private prescription, original adaptation mechanisms of the body are used in the physio and manual therapy, in order to treat disturbances of physical functions specifically or to avoid them in the health care. The treatments aim on the one hand at natural, physiological reactions of the organism, on the other hand at an improved understanding of the functioning of the organism and the self-responsible handling of the body.


Through the development and distribution of our CELLflow Concept we had many conversations with trainers, therapists and doctors.

This experience and our own show that often only symptom-related approaches were taught in previous training and further education. This has already led to good results in therapy and training, but many problems have not been permanently solved. Due to our cause-related approach and the holistic view of the human being, complaints could be alleviated quickly and sustainably. Exactly this experience and our knowledge we wanted to share. This was the birth of the CELLflow Academy. Thus, interested people have the opportunity to gain knowledge and to integrate alternative approaches into their daily work, even beyond the implementation of the CELLflow Concept.  The basis of the practice-oriented education and training content are the latest findings and developments from therapy, training science and health prevention.